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The AGSC—The Australian Graphic Supply Co


The AGSC—The Australian Graphic Supply Co

Here’s a resource with a few great tutorials. Created by Dave & Laura Coleman, The Australian Graphic Supply Co., offers a “community” section on their site that shares a few great how-to-tips to improve your work. Especially handy to me was the Bezier Handles tutorial (check it out).

To check out the rest of their resources go over to their site—

Vector Wood/Grain Pattern Tutorial
Stamp Effect Tutorial
Bezier Handles Tutorial

Here’s a little more about the AGSC:


The Australian Graphic Supply Co is a design studio born in Sydney, currently based in Ovideo, Spain. It is lovingly run by Dave & Laura Coleman. We are immensely passionate about lettering, illustration, web design & creating strong brands for businesses we believe in. You can see some samples of our work here.

We get such a big kick out of meeting someone new, chatting with them about their business or project, and working closely with them not only on beautiful design, but on building a relationship. Take a look at our Services page to get more of an idea of what we do, and visit the Contact page to say hello.

We love design, but we also love designers. We believe if our creative mates are strong, then so are we. Because of this you’ll find in the pages of this site a bunch of tutorials, articles, inspiration and resources aimed at bettering both ourselves, and our fellow pixel wranglers. Do you have suggestions or ideas for content? Don’t be shy, hit up our Feedback form. Hearing from you would be lovely.

If you want to find out a little more about the Dave & Laura part of The Australian Graphic Supply Co, have a read of this blog post.

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