How to Use Black: A Designer’s Guide


How to Use Black: A Designer’s Guide

As a designer you learn about printing, color, ink, and all the other details that make up a great print. You learn that colors are created by the mixing of CMYK inks and depending on the quantity of each ink is the intensity of the color on print. You also learn that color in brands is important, very important, so you don’t want to mess that up.

I had also recently learned about black and how different blacks can come about depending on the ink mixtures. I remembered this when I was creating my personal business cards and right before I was ready to send them to print, I had to figure out a CMYK mixture that would get me a nice rich black on. So I googled and found this neat post by designer, Andrew Kelsall, that goes over all the different kinds of blacks and how to get them.

I hope it helps as much as it did me!

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