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Wild Soul Sunglasses


About Wild Soul


Wild Soul was the inevitable fusion of two passions: fashion and philanthropy.

Sunglasses have always allowed us to feel a sense of security and comfort, allowing us to express ourselves freely. Wild Soul sunglasses are themed after enchanting, untamed animals: the lion, the owl, the elephant, and the rhino. In essence, our sunglasses are the way we want the world to see who we are.



Logo Variations

Project Brief

Our goal was to rebrand Wild Soul Sunglasses and create a mark that gave the brand the value it deserves. We decided that the best way to highlight the personality of the brand was by creating a hand-rendered logo. With this approach came a wild and edgy mark that embraces the spirit and the capabilities of Wild Soul. 

To carry on the loudness of the logo, we created a campaign that highlighted each animal—the owl, lion, elephant, and rhino—and accompanied these with paper crafted representative elements of each animal.

Project Members: Jimmy Kalman, Mariah Morin, Jon Brand, Lorena Jimenez, Yaiza Lazaro, Shanni Levi

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