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TGD—The Great Discontent

Getting advice & direction for our creative work is always a great idea. It’s always good to hear others stories so that you may relate to them, learn from them, and share them. There are plenty great free internet sources that do the work for us and share other creatives stories. One of the many great is The Great Discontent (TGD) who beautifully tells the stories of creatives paths to creativity and success.

From their own words, here’s why they do it:

Mostly because we’re curious. We have a lot of questions: Why do people create? Where does that desire to create come from? How do internal and external forces influence creativity? Is it possible to be satisfied creatively? What drives someone to continue to create, even when it involves taking a big risk?

The Great Discontent is our attempt to explore answers to those questions by asking people about their own experiences and hearing their stories. We chose to make TGD less about the work and more about the individual because we’ve always been more intrigued by people than by the tools they use or the process by which they create. That said, TGD is about connecting with the human side of creativity and trying to understand the common themes among creatives from various backgrounds and disciplines.

The other reason we created TGD was for inspiration—for ourselves and others. We hope that TGD will become a valuable resource for others who are making things, regardless of their age or discipline.

Do yourself the favor and browse through some of the artists they have featured. If you’re not into reading check out their 2 minute videos, Two Minuted with DTG. And to make it even more resourceful, look up those creatives and follow their work.  Remember that you are the sum of people who you surround yourself with.

If you really enjoy DTG and want to support them on their Kickstarter venture check out their page and back them up so they can raise enough funds to expand DTG into a printed magazine!

TGD | @greatdiscontent

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